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Readership back on the rise

No sooner did I think the bubble had burst than the readership resumed its climb!

Spread the news and help me get The Mirror Image of Sound the recognition it deserves!

Another 5 star review!

We have another 5 star review of The Mirror Image of Sound, this time by Bailey Mantukit of the UK.  Thanks Bailey!
If only we had the chance to try another life ...., October 3, 2015 By  Bailey Mantukit This review is from: The Mirror Image of Sound: A novel in real time (Kindle Edition) This is the first book I've read by Dan Djurdjevic, and it won't be the last. I empathised with the main character, Dan, being "stuck" in a marriage, providing for his selfish wife's spending habits.
Upon his Uncle's death, Dan inherits something seemingly mundane as cowboy boots, but that's only the beginning. The reader is taken on a journey in real time in Australia. My imagination was working overtime as to what could possibly happen next. I found myself neglecting household chores in favour of reading this book!