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MIOS available in the world's biggest bookstores!

I wasn't aware, but The Mirror Image of Sound is now available from the world's biggest book retailers - including Barnes and Noble in the US and The Book Depository in the UK!

Here are just a few examples of the international sites that now sell MIOS:

Barnes and Noble

The Book Depository

Powells USA


Schuler Books

Half Price Books

Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Of course, don't forget Amazon... and the site the author prefers, Createspace!

Friends of the Mirror Image

I am so deeply honoured to see friends of mine in far-flung lands with copies of The Mirror Image of Sound.

Here's my childhood friend, fellow budoka, acclaimed artist and author, Guy McGowan posing with it - how great is that!

Look out for Guy's and Kari's new book:

She said, he said

Coming out soon on Pikkeljig Press!

The most epic review yet?

Check out Xin's review at Amazon!

Is this the most epic review of MIOS yet?  How wonderful to have this sort of feedback!  Thanks Xin!