Dan is a quiet, decent but hen-pecked lawyer working in a small private firm in Perth, Western Australia.
   His wife Kylie is a gold-digger whose narcissistic spending habits are leading the family towards bankruptcy.  His "best friend" Brad has only one real skill: an ability to use Dan's kindness to ensure his own self-promotion.  His boss Mr Dixon is an overbearing tyrant.
   Even his hyper-critical and domineering mother, his meek father, his spiteful and hypocritical in-laws, and psychotic clients manage to get in on the act.
   Put simply, Dan's world is falling apart.
   Just when things couldn't seem to get any worse, Dan's only real beacon of hope - his favourite (and, it turns out, very rich) Uncle Frank - dies from a sudden heart attack.
   And to rub salt in the wounds, Frank bequeaths his entire estate to a complete stranger - "Fenyops Pikkeljig" - leaving Dan only a pair of scuffed snakeskin "achey breaky heart" boots.

But is Frank really dead?  Clues at his house suggest otherwise.   What lurks in the hidden basement?  And who is the mysterious Mr Pikkeljig anyway?

Join Dan and his best friend, Bugsy the droopy-eyed cat, as they unravel Frank's labyrinthine secrets, meet the exotic and mysterious Justine,  and ultimately get a glimpse into the true meaning of love, life, the universe and everything.