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Here's another from Ray Hanas:
"[J]ust wanted to say what an enjoyable time I had reading "The Mirror Image of Sound". The idea is original, I enjoy that. The plot line, unpredictable, and funny. Well written . Your book had me coming back at odd hours of the day to catch up - always a good sign. I also, enjoyed the idea of realtime writing, so it felt as though I was there, day by day as an observer, in realtime. I develped an affinity with the characters for their strenghts and weaknesses. Your dry sense of humour. And some philosophical questions about reality and hamster wheels got me thinking. I do think it would make an interesting Movie and have no doubt I will see a variation ,if not this version on the big screen in the next 4 years."

During the online phase

"It's so hard to put it down." - Catherine U

"Among the best novels I've ever read. It's a beautiful text with layers of profound and yet highly entertaining content... This is beyond the scale of awesomeness!" - Samir B

"I really enjoyed reading this. I almost don't want to read the last episode because I don't want it to be over." - Ryan D

"A novelette that is a good, rollicking read. Warning: once you start you just want to keep hitting the "Next" instalment button!" - Alison O

"This is seriously trippy - I like it!" - Ray Hanas

"I love the mystery of it." - Voodoo Music

"Nice last names. :)" - Jelena

"Cool." - Bruno B

"A white collar nightmare." - Jonathan K

"Dan is much nicer in real life." - Sean B

"The Kylie character comes too close to real life. She made me mentally squirm and grit my teeth! There's only so much masochism, literary or otherwise, I'm capable of nowadays!" - Miguel G

"I don't like his wife she's a B***h lol she's so mean to him I think she's having an affair with Brad." - Olga

"Bro - don't use your real name for this stuff!  What will our relatives think?" - Author's brother

"Who is this Kylie?  What happened to Maureen and the children?" - Author's uncle