This is the "The People's" EP "Oui" - as produced for Fungus Records and uploaded to SoundCloud by Dan in the novel.

The tracks are:

1. Yoda
2. Good enough for you (reggae mix)
3. How you sleep at night (jazz version of "Good enough for you")
4. Good enough for you (retro rock version)
5. Chasing the Devil (original retro rock instrumental)
6. Edge of forever (trance remix of "Good enough for you")*

* Bonus track not referenced in the novel.

Have a listen:

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 are copyright © 2000-04 Dejan Djurdjevic.
Track 3 is copyright © 2004 Dejan Djurdjevic, Jed Handmer, Jeremy Clark and Damon Slucniak.

There is no band called "The People" and the image used in the SoundCloud link is stock footage that will not be used in the promotion of any music or the print/Kindle version of the novel when it is available. Image credit: diodatimer / 123RF Stock Photo.


Christmas day barbecue disaster.
Frank's funeral service.
Lunch with Justine at the Peking Palace.
Frank's house in Wanneroo, WA.  See here.
The studio in the Wanneroo basement.
The mirror image bank note.
Bugsy after he gets "swapped around".
The Nando's meal Dan has at the Wanneroo house.
Dwight P Chatpak's book "Save your money and your waistline" (featuring the "scavenger weekend").
The cake from Miss Maud's to celebrate Brad's promotion.
David Hasselhoff's signature cologne: "Let me spray you".
Brad's bicycle wheel (before he removed the spokes).
Brad's multi-level marketing scam: PP2PP.
Dan's house in Princes Hill, Victoria.  See here.
The studio in the Princes Hill basement.
The general store on Rathdowne Street.
The McMahons office building in Bourke Street.
Catching the tram home.
Lunch with Silvio at the Watermark.
Justine's house in Caulfield, Victoria.  See here.
The exterior of the Espy.
The stage at the Espy.
Lunch with Justine at the Shark Finn Inn.
Basketball with Ian.
Clinton's pharmacy in Rathdowne Street.
A cleaned out office after Dan get's fired.
Last goodbye to McMahons.
The corridor where Ian attacks Justine.
Ian in silhouette.
D1 being erased.
Lunch with Ian at Caffe e Cucina.
Dan's body rolled up in the rug.
Cover of Lawrence Durrell's "Justine".
Dan and Justine at the final Hunters and Collectors concert.

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