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The Mirror Image of Sound as a short film

Here's a short film that covers the sci-fi element of The Mirror Image of Sound rather perfectly!

"An understated gem"

The Mirror Image of Sound continues its run of awesome reviews.   Here's one too good not to share. Thanks Alicia! A really fun, clever read! I loved the understated writing style (which made even more sense after reading the endnotes), which made the constant (understated) jokes even funnier! Djurdjevic's story struck me as very (understatedly) poetic. Just as the story develops in little ways, seemingly banal elements lead to an exciting and twisted world that none could have predicted - and ultimately show us that it is these most common moments that are really the most important. I sincerely hope this book gets picked up as a movie (it would be really cheap to make too) so that Djurdjevic can spend more time writing. And walking his dog!

Second imprint finalised - and on special!

Well I had wanted to keep any corrections to The Mirror Image of Sound to the second edition - but that is planned for a completely different printing company - an Australian based one - and so that has to wait for certain details to be worked through. So in the meantime I decided to go ahead and fix a few typographical and other minor errors in the book, albeit within the same edition (for those who don't know, new editions require a separate ISBN). Accordingly Pikkeljig has prepared a new imprint of the novel.  It fixes small mistakes like Justine's colloquial reference to "English passport" (yes, she knew it was actually a UK passport, but I'm tired of explaining that when characters speak they don't always get things right!), Frank's reference to "taxpayers'theroo" (the extra "theroo" must have been something cut and left on the clipboard, then accidentally pasted in by a bump on the keyboard) and long with a few missing com