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Kindle price now only $11.95!

Kindle owners - great news!  The Kindle price of Mirror Image of Sound has dropped to its more permanent (non-introductory) price of $11.95!  Grab a copy right now !

First copy in South Africa!

I am so proud that the first copy of The Mirror Image of Sound in South Africa belongs to my good friend Shelly B (who helped proof-read the manuscript and who is credited in the Acknowledgements)!

And France too...

Great to see MIOS for sale on French sites now too! Only € 13!

Mirror Image of Sound on sale in Sweden!

The Mirror Image of Sound has been picked up by Swedish book site Bokus.  See  this link !

Two new awesome reviews posted on Amazon!

Talk about great reviews!  See the two new ones from Ryan and Clinton on the Amazon page ! That's 4 x 5/5!

First book snapped up in the UK by author's best friend!

What an absolute honour and pleasure to find out that my first ever book sold in the UK was snapped up by one of my closest friends, Martin - a man who also happens to be an inspiration for the best qualities of my alter ego!