Offline phase has begun!

The Mirror Image of Sound started life as an online novel.  This phase lasted from 24 December 2013 to 10 April 2014.

The novel has now been taken down for publication.

I am proud to post the following statistics for the online phase (taken half an hour before the deadline).

While modest, the statistics are, I think, remarkable for an unknown online novel. In three months the site went from zero to almost 18,000 pageviews. The daily hit rate in the last few weeks always hovered around 200. The number of people who read right through to the end seems to have been about 135.

Given the uniquely Australian flavour, I was surprised to find the US at the top, followed by Australia, followed by Brazil (hey Samir Berardo!). A non-English speaking country in third place? How does that happen?

I'm totally flattered. All in all, I'm deeply honoured to have had such a good result from a first novel, published online. A success by any measure. Definitely worth the very real tears and sweat, and the virtual blood. Thank you to all my supporters and friends.

I'm also very pleased that the average time on a page is just under 8 minutes - which means people are actually reading it!

The publication process requires proof-reading and formatting which will take a week or so at least.  Please be patient.  It will be ready soon and available for purchase on Amazon in hard copy form as a well as in Kindle format.

Given that most people I know (including myself) wouldn't dream of reading a novel online, I have good reason to believe that the "offline phase"  will be more popular in terms of results.

The data showing the exponential increase in popularity in just the last 3 weeks is testament itself!

So thanks everyone - and help me spread the word!