Mr Blesav's new YouTube channel

Mr Blesav, one of the supporting characters in The Mirror Image of Sound, now has his own YouTube channel.

In his first video, Mr Blesav addresses the complex and controversial subject of marriage equality, giving us his top ten reasons for voting "No" in the upcoming Australian postal plebiscite.

While I do not agree with Mr Blesav, I think it is worth considering his point of view.

MIOS' "little cousin" entered into 2017 PM's Literary Awards!

Pikkeljig Press has entered my latest novel, Girl in the Attic (described by Sean Burke as "the little cousin of The Mirror Image of Sound") into the Prime Minister's Literary Awards for 2017 in the category "Young Adult Literature".

Grab a copy today!

Four "hads" in a row

I see my concept of using four "hads" in a row is now a common meme.

But hey folks, get it right - it was my idea first!  So if you want to use a picture, use mine - and help spread the word!

See excerpt below:

Newest 5 star review

I had the great pleasure of receiving another 5 star review for The Mirror Image of Sound.  You can read it here (or click on the image below).